Our Projects

Mission of the organization is to promote the rights, to provide services and sustainable solutions for children, youth and families in vulnerable situations as well as for the marginalized Roma/Egyptian communities and other social groups in Albania.

Projects of Initiative during 2016-2018:

a.    Conduct of the regional scale study regarding the children in street situation in four countries in the region:

       focusing on the phenomena of children in street situation, what activities are involved these children, including forced begging, labor, exploitation and abuse;

b.    Since 2016 Initiative has been largely involved on the National Action Plan in support of children in street situation:

       Street work;

       Case management;

       Immediate support to children at high risk level.

c.    Initiative developed and is implementing programs for youth and family empowerment on topics of employment and education;

d.    Initiative is supporting youth that were residing in residential care institutions in Tirana that have to leave the institution at the age of 18 with programmes in order to be independent and reintegrated. Initiative has signed a memorandum of cooperation with “Zyber Hallulli” Residential Care Institution for supporting reintegration of youth who leave the institution;

e.    Initiative according to the new Code for juveniles has supported the establishment of child friendly spaces in the police stations of Tirana for juveniles victims and in conflict with the law and ensured capacity building of police officers for juveniles for interviewing procedures in the police station;

f.     Initiative is providing reintegration community services for victims of trafficking in Tirana for children and youth referring to the new SOP (standard operational procedures);

g.    Initiative has extended the geographical boundaries of its activities in Albania beyond Tirana. The conduct of activities currently take place also in the counties of  Dibra, Gjirokastra, Shkodra and Devoll;