Employment program intends to improve socio economic status of families in vulnerable situation and from marginalized groups. Improvement of social-economical situation of Roma/Egyptian families, not solely will mediate them to overcome the marginality but it will aid them to utilize their right at fullest as citizens in 4 Municipalities.

Our focus is to empower Roma and Egyptian adults and Youngsters to access labour market equally qualified as the other part of the population in the municipalities of Tirane, Devoll, Gjirokaster and Diber and to support Roma and Egyptian to improve their economical situation in Municipalities of Tirane, Gjirokaster, Devoll and Diber.


  • Counselling session employment-oriented for youth and young adults from Roma/Egyptian Communities;
  • Vocational Courses for Roma/Egyptian youths and adults in strong collaboration with Public Institution of Vocational Courses;
  • Internship for Roma/Egyptian youths and adults in collaboration with private sector of business in 4 Municipalities;
  • Educational courses for Roma/Egyptian youths and adults;
  • Workshops over ‘Starting up and managing small businesses’;
  • Group counselling session and individual counselling session for youths and adults, mainly women, sufferers of trafficking in Tirana’s streets;
  • Street work and community activities in 7 communities within 3 Municipalities;
  • Creating and Updating a database for Roma/Egyptian job-seekers and available opportunities of job-market in 4 Municipalities;
  • Financial assistance of starting up and maintain a small business for youths and adults from Roma/Egyptian Communities who have selected capacity expansion programs;
  • Employing adults from Roma/Egyptian communities in strong collaboration with State Employment Service and private businesses;
  • Assistance in administrative and procedural issues for Roma/Egyptian Communities;
  • Supplying food package, general hygiene package, and clothing for youths and adults from Roma/Egyptian Communities enrolled in employment programs and who are in the first month of generating incomes;
  • Mentoring and following up the employed cases;
  • Managerial Case Service in only available for families whose current residence (settlement) is in Tirana, Diber, Devoll and Gjirokastra.