Child Protection Program: In frame of child protection, implemented programs through concrete projects underline the protection of children and youths through family empowerment, community-based interventions, and through promoting development and evolvement of social protection system in Albania. 

Our work is closely associated to child protection institutions at local government and central government, public and non-public, aiming to coordinate the work of components to respond, to prevent, to manage cases of children who are at risk victims of abuse, exploitation, neglect, trafficking, children in conflict with the law, violence of children’s rights, etc. 

Communities we are working with, have promptly raised awareness over the children’s right, their safety, positive approaches of parenting as per sustainable offered services and intercession in families and communities. 

In our organization, child protection is unerringly considered as holistic. Child protection is not achieved unless economic empowerment, social stability and wealthy family are guaranteed. Our prime focus is, not solely, to manage and treat the cases but to prevent the exploitation and abuse of children especially in state of potential institutionalization.

Our objective is to intervene through adequate programs in early childhood issues, as per our belief that early identification facilitate the treatment and diminish long term consequences.

  • Home visits,
  • Needs assessment,
  • Risk assessment,
  • Involvement and arrangement of GTN,
  • Individual protection plan,
  • Intervention plan short-term, mid-term, and long-term,
  • Case Management with Prevention-Oriented,
  • Case Management with Protection-Oriented,
  • Case Management with Economic-Empowerment-Oriented,
  • Prevention Services,
  • Counselling session
  • Emergent Intervention.


Protecting children from harm and abuse and taking action against all forms of abuse towards them is one of our priorities.  If you note any form of abuse to children during an activity or work supported by Initiative for social change, ARSIS, please report immediately at: